Character bust

I am a confident 3D modeller and concept artist that has graduated from The University of Gloucester with a 2:1. Whilst at University I was able to work alongside a lot of talented people, working as part of a team creating a wide range of assets from cars to background environment models. Thanks to this experience I was able to develop my skills which I hope to continue doing moving along into the future. Since 2016 I have begun creating assets for the Unity asset store this has been a fun experience and along the road I have been able to learn new techniques to make more advanced and efficient models. It is my hope moving forward in my career I will be able to continue working on creating models for the games industry as a freelance artist until I find a company that needs my modelling skills.I have recently began using Sketchfab to showcase my models and I would highly recommend you check them out as I have had allot of fun making them.